o'clock — Alarm Extraordinaire! The most beautiful alarm clock on the app store.
Available on the App Store
Fastest alarm ever Alarm on!

Fastest alarm ever

Tap once to turn on the alarm, then drag the alarm hand to set the time.
Unique snooze sequence

Unique snooze

Tap on a button to snooze, and all 3 consecutively to wake up.
7 awesome colors
7 shiny phones!

7 awesome colors

9 sweet tones

9 sweet tones

slide to wake up
Works even in the background

Works all the time

Works with your chosen alarm tone even when the app is not running or when the phone is locked.
Any orientation, any time

Up, down, left, right

The smooth interface works whichever way you hold your phone. You can even turn it upside down!
o'clock — Alarm Extraordinaire!
Available on the App Store